Yuzu: Nintendo Switch Emulator

Nintendo are arguably one of the best producers of console gaming to ever exist. They have come up with some of the most iconic games. A great example of this would be the Mario Brothers series. This has lasted almost as long as computer gaming itself, and is still going to this day.

Nintendo have also been around for a very long time and they are still producing amazing games consoles, and the games that go with them, just like they were back in the old days when console gaming was just becoming a thing.

The Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is the latest console to be released by Nintendo. It is an incredibly innovative gaming console that demands attention and has indeed taken the gaming world by storm. The best thing about the Switch is that it can be both a traditional games console that you connect to your television, and it can also be a handheld games device that you can take out on car trips.

For this reason, kids and adults love this new console – kids love it because it means they can continue playing their favorite game both in and outside of the house. Parents and adults love it because of its versatility – it has multiple uses and therefor its much better value for money.

Why Emulate the Nintendo Switch?

Well, thats all good and well if you can afford a Nintendo Switch. But what if you just bought a PlayStation and you want to still play some Nintendo games? That is where emulation comes in handy. With a Nintendo Switch Emulator you can still play your favorite Nintendo games, using your PC.

Yuzu: The best Nintendo Switch Emulator

I tested a few different emulators for the Switch but I found the Yuzu to be the best by far. Of course, I should mention that the Switch is a very new console and as such, even the Yuzu is still in its development stages. For this reason there are bugs and issues with quite a few of the games, but these bugs are being ironed out rapidly and it won’t be long before the Switch emulator works seamlessly with all of the games available for the Switch.

If you want to have a go for yourself, then you can download the emulator from the official website. The emulator is easy to install on a computer running Windows and the requirements are fairly basic, so you shouldn’t have any issues as long as your computer is less than 3-4 years old.

Once installed you can check out the game compatibility list. And find out which games are working well with the emulator.

Downloading the ROM images

There are various sites where you can download the actual games themselves. A good example is ROM Universe. From there you can download some of the most popular games that have been released for the Nintendo Switch. You can then load the ROM images into the Yuzu emulator software and get playing your games.

I would definitely advise that if a game has bugs and does not play well, to keep checking back on the official website and keep an eye on the compatibility page. As bugs are reported they are constantly releasing patches for the emulator in order to fix those bugs so just because a game does not work well the first time you play it, that doesn’t mean they wont sort out that issue fairly quickly – so don’t give up.