About Me

My name is Carl Smith and I am an avid gamer. I started out playing console games – primarily focused on PlayStation 1. This was the heyday of gaming in my opinion with some of the best games ever being released around that time period.

I also liked to play PC games around the same sort of time. My favorite games were the ones with great game play and this is what I look for more in games, rather than exceptional graphics.

To give you a better insight into the types of games that I really like, I will tell you my favorite game of all time and that is Final Fantasy 7. Anyone who has seen screenshots from the game will know that the graphics were not amazing – especially by today’s standards. However, anyone who has actually played the game will know that the game-play is exceptional. The story behind the game is amazing and the amount of game-play involved is sensational.

Anyway, I was getting frustrated that certain games were being released on different consoles and other games were simply going out of production and could no longer be played on any console.

For that reason I started this site about playing console games on the PC using ROM emulators. ROM emulators are basically just computer programs that trick a game into thinking that it is being played on the console or device for which it was intended. That way you can play games from all different gaming devices, all on the same computer.

This means you have a much wider range of games to play and it also means you can play old games that are no longer in production.